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Here are a few 'odd' topics that came up while a group of equally 'odd' people were sitting around.

 The other day, I was lucky enough to be included in a very satiric converstaion about mullets and how they influence external behaviour. 'Mullets (as viewed by several in the room) by theory, inhance a persons suseptablility to acts of supreme rebellion. such examples included tipping over picnic tables and throwing rocks at small animals. It was concluded after various studies that the term Mullet does not only describe the Hairstyle but also the individual him/herself. That the Mullet is a life style, there are characteristics common to all Mullet people. The studies in question have not yet been concluded. We just know that the Mullet Lifestyle is a dangerous one, it is hard to treat, we have heard that a simple hair cut cannot fix the damage done my a mullet. Some people belive that the distribution of weight on the head, caused by excessive amounts on the back and not enough to equal out the imbalence on the top portion, create lasting and devistation effects. Please note that studies in this area have not yet been concluded.'

Fear The Mullet


This link has been created by Mullet People and reflect their views.

Most of these converstions were purely SARCASTIC so if any of this applies to you, don't be offended. Those of you who contributed to these conversations please do not be offended by being called 'odd' its only a term used to describe the diversity among the people and the differences of opinion present. The subject matter above does not always reflect my opinion or the opinions of the people discussing them.