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click here to play video of the XA Cafe Song

Cordell Randell
Playing a Set at XA Cafe, March 25th

XA Cafe was a Two Day outreach event for our Campus. We offered free coffee, tea, hot chocolate, cookies and live music to the students who gathered there. This was made possible by the OutReach Committee and other participants from Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship. In our oppinion it was a success.

XA Cafe, Free Coffee
This was the setup outside of the cafe

XA Cafe
Lots of people came inside the cafe to hear live music performed by various Christian Talents!

Games were provided
and a good time was had by all!

Allison Sheppard and Mel Pittman


Karla Diamond

Jeff and Gavin
Invented the XA Cafe Song!



Mel Pittman, Karla Diamond, and Cordell Randell
These three very talented people entertained us with an extra set!

Daniel and Chris
Daniel and Chris (SASF) helped us out with the entertainment, what an amaizing job!

March 25th - 26th
A very busy two days!

Todd and Rob
these two guys joined us from the Cornerstone Ministry Center, and entertained us their own music!

A lot of work went into those two days, the cafe operated from 9am till 5pm both days. around 600 cups of Coffee, Hot Chocolate and Tea were served to the general student population.
We used only fair trade coffee, which can be found at Food For Thought, which is located on Duckworth Street.
Please keep ministries like this in your prayers. Chi Alpha would love to make something like this a more "regular" event, and without prayers and participation that would not be able to happen.
As Children of God, we have the right to dream BIG, because God is a bigger dreamer then us! Through HIM ALL things are POSSIBLE!

Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship,