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About My Family
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My Mom, Joy Heath, is a great person. She works hard to help put me through University and Seminary School. Which is a huge help on my dad because when describing me in one word, he called me "expensive." She has never been a lazy person, even when there is no urgent work to be done, my mom will find something to do. She likes to help out with the Church whenever she gets a chance. My moms only problem is that she never has time for herself. The only day she takes a break is Sunday afternoons she'll usually have a nap. The most awesome thing about my mom is that she doesn't have to do these things. My dad provides her with a living, but my mom, being as considerate as she is, works so that there will be money for me! She wanted to help my dad out with putting me through University. Not many moms could, or even would have, done that. Thanks Mom, for everything! xxoo

My Dad, Ford Heath, Is an awsome man. He works away from home. He only gets to see us for 10 days every 4 weeks. He is a miner, for Procon Mines in BC. Ever since I have been going to University my dad has been working two hours overtime, every shift he has. That is a lot. I love my dad very much. I hate it when I do somthing that might dissapoint him in anyway.  He has always been there for me and has supported me in everything I do. He's very supportive of my relationship with God, I try to be an inspiration to him. He has worked hard all of his life to help me, to provide for me, to give me the things I wanted and sometimes thought that I needed to succeed! I will never be able to thank him enough, not for finances in particular because I could have survived with out them and I am greatful, but because he trys to teach me useful things and he worrys about me and he understands me. He means the world to me. Thanks Dad for loving me. xxoo


Mom, Me and Dad

This is us at my Grad in May 2001. I loved my flowers. I think mom and dad were really proud of me.


The Rest Of My Family

Roxanne, Garland, Christopher and Candace
Roxanne: Thank You for Loving me enough to give me the opportunity to have what I have now.
Garland: I hope your taking care of my family! Be blessed.
Christopher: My little brother. I love you so much. I'm routing for you on those ramps, just don't be too foolish, sometimes physical pain develops from carelessness.
Candace: My little sister. I miss you so much, I wish I could be a good big sister to you. But the country we are living in is large, and your compleately on the other side of it. Don't forget how much I love you, and if I had to opportunity to visit you, I would snatch it in a second. xoxox
Brad, Juanitia, and Lucas
Venessa, Chris, and Samantha