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Hey everyone, got somthing to say? Questions, comments or just hello? Send me an eMail at Please no forwards.

do not be afraid to love these days. take them gently and with a consideration for eternity, but take them as your own. have patience with your dreams and the expectations that others may have for you, but do not defer all hope to the future for there are only so many tomorrows. as you leave through the gates that turn school days into memories, remember the promises you made to yourself in youth when hope was new and continue to nurture such possibilities through time. strive for excellence in all things but do so in the simple pursuit of happiness and do not forget the loveliness that exists in the world beyond yourself. take pride in your accomplishments both today and in the days to come. follow your heart and the counsel of integrity. above all, be kind. go in love. may yours be a peaceful journey.

- Ashley