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Strange Things You See Everyday @ MUN
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I thought that it would be funny to list somethings that me or my friends see during the school day that you don't typically see..

 While getting out of the elevator one day, I nearly fell over a man pushing a snow blower. Just so happens, he put it in the elevator on the other side of the UC, pushed it trough the food court and proceded to take it back down to the ground floor on the other side. Think thats Odd? NOT FOR MUN!
 Just the other day, I was driving down the street, when I saw a guy walkin with a blow-up-woman sitting on his shoulders. Where he was going, or where he came from, I was afraid to know.
 If you go to MUN, you might know about this one. In the Mun Debating Society Room, someone decided to hang something off of the fire sprinkler. When it was removed later that day, it caused the sprinkler to go off, which soaked the room, the entire 6th floor of the University Center. There was so much water that it caused damage on the 5th floor. Because the fire sprinklers usually go off because of fires, the alarm went off in the entire building, offices were closed, the book store, the food court, pharmacy, etc. Everyone left the building to the sound of alarms, as the firetruck and rescue truck came around the bend to put out the 'fire.' They were dissapointed by finding no fire, just a suit.

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