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Close Friends, Friends, and Not So Close Friends

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This just a corner of my page where I give people in my life recognition... Some of these people are close friends, and some of them (sadly) I hardly talk to anymore, anyways I figured they were all important enough to mention.

Melissa Ryan: Love you Lots, and even though I didn't get to see you much this summer I still love you the same as if I did. I really enjoyed going swimming at G-Falls, I hope you had fun too. I had a pretty good time at YC. I hope I get to see you during Christmas. xxoo, Hello to JermBert too! And Landon, loves my baby boy!

Tyler Morey: We have had a big summer. A lot of car rides, a lot of heated discussions on Family and Spiritual things. I loved having you as support. lol, and whether you like it or not, I will learn how to make those hemp things straight! "Animal Crackers." Grad is almost here for you. I'll be praying for you and all of your exams. I see you Christmas. I keep thinking about our Christmas Tree next year if were living together!

Danny and Heather Snow: Well, I have been missing you all the time! And now I don't get to see you at Christmas either. Well, I hope everything is going good in Michigan.  Keep in touch always. Don't forget about our short people store, because if my ideal carreer dosn't work out, I'll be calling! :o)


Jonathan Wiseman: I can't believe that your not going back this year. That's sad. I will miss you. You have been a pretty good friend to me, and I'm proud that we could be that. Anyway, if you decide to drop in anytime, give me a call, we could go to a movie or something. I guess I'll see you during Christmas.

Lesley Palmer: I know I didn't see you much, sorry about that.I hope wedding plans are going well. Keep growing in God, and Ill be praying for you and Brad. Hey Laura, we had some funny times growing up, I'll never forget them, I'll be praying for you too.

Everyone In Trout River: It was great meeting you guys, you all really made our trip a lot of fun. I miss most of you, and really hope I get to see you again sometime. Just dont forget us! :-)

Chris Earle: Thanks for being a really good friend. If you werent at Trout River I don't know what I would have done. Maybe we can go horse back riding again some time. What is Up wit your eye GEEE?! You also have to teach me how to play guitar!

Terrilyn Watts: hey hun, keep pushing yourself to the top. You have a great voice and you have been really growing in God, I know that he has a lot in store for you. Well just hope that there are no runaway horses in there! Lol.. Love you.

Mandy Gray: Hey sweetie. Keep digin' deeper, lol, maybe next time we fight you'll be bigger and almost have a chance at winning. Lol.. Had a great time at VBS with you, gonna miss you lots during the winter.

Amanda Gray: You are really open to God spiritually, just open yourself up to the group and share with them the passion and faith that you have. You will be a great leader to them someday. You are defiantly an inspiration to me and your friends.

Jamie Hibbs: I think I can, I think I can, I'm positive I can learn how to play the bongos. Your doing a great job in the youth group. Keep reaching out, Keep searching for something. You know that your a great comedian, use it.

Andre Penney: You musical talent is unreal, but your pocket picking is even better, just STAY OUT OF MY PURSE. I finally learned not to trust you, and not to carry food in my purse, your worse then a bear! Well, I guess I love you anyway. Dont forget to treat Ashley like GOLD she is worth it. Hey Ashley!

Jonathan Fudge: I miss you all the time, and it's about time for you to come back to St. Johns now. Thanks for visiting me so much during the summer. Yes that is sarcasm! I love you anyway. Better love me too.

Mike Heath: Hey man. I love you lots. Although I didn't visit you all that much this summer, you probably know why. Sorry, but I can't breath in there sometimes. Lol, careful in that car man, your license might be a dangerous thing! Special Hey to all of the out-to-mikes-crowd!

Tiffany Fudge: I can't believe that I almost forgot you.. Guess what is soon gonna be here. Your 19! Have fun, but be careful too, ok? I love you lots. Have fun in Corner Brook. Dont loose touch with me.. Kisses and hugs... See you at Christmas!

Robby Rideout: just a note to say hey, and too bad I didn't get to see you much this summer, but I know you had fun in Ontario. Thanks for being a great friend. Love you Lots!



St. Johns Crowd!...............................................

Ryan Williams: I know that you graduated with me and everything and your a great friend, its just that you fit better in with my St. Johns friends. Love you lots. thanks for letting me borrow your notes!

Natasha Head! Hey hun,  Love you lots. I'll be praying that after Christmas you'll find the perfect Job! Me too! Have a great Christmas!

Aimee Ralph: When was it we first met? umm, not a clue really. Well, I hope you have an awesome Christmas, and I guess I'll see you in our new place! Yahhhhh, pretty house with hardwood and a fire place! Love you lots.

Kristen Ledrew: I'm praying for you sweetie. I can't wait for our next girls night. I hope you have a really great Christmas. I know your studying hard, but remember to have fun too, give me a call if you need me, and even if you don't. Love you hun!

Jon Pittman: I love you sweetie. I'm not Frosh anymore. Though your weird psychology you did teach me a lot, although yelling at someone all the time just might make you loose your voice. Yes I made you pink. Hey to Ricky too.

Melanie Pittman: Hi sweetie. Your so beautiful. I love your creative energies. I'm so glad that I had a chance to meet you this year. I hope to see you around lots next semester, make sure you make some time to visit us at our new place. Have a great Christmas!

Anthony Fudge: Imagine the fright I got when I saw you at YC! I thought you had been aubducted! I hadn't heard from you in so long! Well, its great to know that your doing fine. I'm wondering though, are you still heading out to Alberta?

Jeff Heart: I don't know what to say really. Thanks for all your help with the resume thing, and keep praying that I'll get a job. oh and thanks for making sure I get enough to eat too. Have a great Christmas, see you in Jan!

Brett, Chad, Zac, and Nick: I have no idea why I put Brett's name in with the rest of you guys, I never see you together anymore.  I would love to hear from you guys once in a while, if you ever need anything, give me a call! see you around the mall. 

Sharon LeDrew: Will we ever get to India Gate?? I'll see what we can do this year. You know that your the sweetest ever.

Chi Alpha Office People: I don't care what anyone says, I am not up there that much? am I? oh well, you guys will miss me when the next semester begins, if I have a job and all, pray that I get one. See you guys around! Have a Great Christmas.



If I'm missing anyone, really sorry! Elbow me in the ribs if I forgot your name. I did this in a hurry so, it wouldn't surprise me if I did.. Hey to everyone that I graduated with, hey to everyone I'm currently going to School with, and everyone from the Roberts Arm Youth Group!

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